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"inspired by the peaceful magic of plants and animals"

I have always loved and craved immersion in nature, it's what keeps me sane, along with the absorbed and deeply fulfilling sense of flow which comes with creating, making and drawing. My work is a reflection of the peace and beauty that I find in the gentleness of birds or the majesty of an old tree, an emotional response to enchantment and wonder I seek to experience in the natural world.  At present my main work is produced in gouache and water colour and also using ceramics as a canvas for illustration. 

 I live in rural Northumberland with my family and a  playful menagerie of animal friends. We have a small holding which at present includes sheep, ponies and assorted poultry. We have 2 dogs and 4 cats which provide constant companionship whether it is needed or not! When I'm not seeing to animals  and children or creating art work I can usual be found growing vegetables and flowers or walking the dogs- looking for peace amidst a confusing and ever changing world.

I hope you can find as much sanctuary and joy in my work as I have in creating it! 

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